Zelle How To Send And Receive Money In Seconds From Your Phone Using The Zelle Pay App

Okay. I’m going to show you how to use the Zell app on the thing you got to do is go to your app store and download it. You see this Z right here, this purple. You hit it and it asks for a mobile number so you can, or your mobile number, his start. What is doing is going through, and as you can see, my network is kind of slow here and you pick what bank I’m gonna pick bank of America, and you can read through all of this stuff if you want to hit the link. But I’m gonna go ahead and log in. So this right here, you got to know your bank ID and then you enter a pass your password to your bank account. And these keys are so small, sometimes you might hit the wrong number, then hit submit. So now what it’s doing is accessing your bank account. So it’s Lincoln, your Zelt, your bank of account, which Mies is a bank of America. And I hit the number that is associated with it. I’m gonna go down and it’s going to send me a text message or a phone call. I’m gonna go for the text message. You can go down, I’m gonna hit send Cole,

Activated your profile

as you can see, it sent me a code right there. Five, six, five, three, three, five, five, six, five, three, three, five. Then I hit submit. You got to agree to all of these terms and I hit consent.

It’s asking me to confirm all of this stuff to complete it quickly. So I’m going to try that password again.

And, uh, hit join. Okay. You see, they sent me a message. You have activated your profile was L I’m going to click this one, this account hit continue. Good news. Your device supports touch. So I’m gonna skip that for right now. And uh, add a profile, just skip it and a pick, skip for now and continue. And that’s it. So knock a SIM money if I want to sin and I pick people who I want to send it to and so forth.

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