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Introducing Zales

Zales is jewelry retail store of America, the company was founded in 1924 in Wichita Falls, Texas by Morris, Ben Lipshy and William Zale with the first store. With the passage of time the company expands itself and broadened its customer reach by approaching large shopping malls. In 1958 Zales become a Public company and starts trading shares on American stock exchange, up to 2000 Zales acquired 2 other jewelry brands. In February 2014 Zale corp. is overtaken by Signet Jewelers in $1.4 Billion.

Zales Bill Pay Options

You can pay the bill at zales by any mean listed below.

  1. e-Gift Card
  2. Zales Gift Card
  3. PayPal Credit
  4. PayPal

Credit Cards Accepted At Zales

  1. Discover
  2. MasterCard
  3. Visa
  4. American Express
  5. Zales Credit Card®

 Payment Options Don’t Accepted

  1. CODs
  2. Layaway plans
  3. Personal checks


You must have a register & active member account of Zales to pay your bill Zales Terms & Conditions For Payments
Note: Accounts which are not accessed in recent 18 months will expire automatically, so you have to register yourself again to pay your bills At

Steps To Pay Bills At

  1. To pay bills at go to official website and click on the Pay Bill from the bottom menu of the site.
  2. A new window will open, which demands your login information; enter your USER ID and Password to sign in to your account.
  3. In the 3rd field, (right next to the password field) select ‘Make a Payment’ from the given options.
  4. Click on the Sign in button, now a new screen will appear.
  5. Enter the amount which you want to pay.
  6. Input the details of account by which you want to pay the bill.
  7. Finish the transaction by clicking on the bill pay button.

 Note: Always re-confirm the account details before submitting your payments online.

Other Methods To Zales Pay Bill

 All the other methods listed above involves the same process, you just have to click your relevant payment method listed at the top left panel of This Page
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