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Modern rhythms of life are very fast and require a quick solution to all life’s problems. We interact with a huge number of people and companies every day, so that we can feel confident. So, each of us goes shopping, buys clothes, visits a hairdresser, pays for housing and consumes utilities. And if everything is much easier with a supermarket or clothing store – just take the goods and pay for them at the cash desk, then for the correct and timely payment of utility bills to work hard.

Today I want to tell you about the company that will become your reliable assistant in this difficult business. Yardi Energy Solutions is a great way to billing for utilities and fully integrates utility meters and metering ratios into Yardi Voyager. All the bills are automatically generated (built-in remote two-way reading) and the customer can receive them by mail, email or via Yardi Portal to pay online with ACH or credit card. This portal is convenient for those who offer online payment processing to customers. Yardi Energy Solutions processes the customer’s consumption and accepts payments from them every month, and then transfers all the collected money to the required details. The undeniable advantage is that you can choose our convergent billing method and together with the payment of utility bills to pay the rent. Each client of this company has a personal manager who will gladly answer all the questions and help to solve any problem, it guarantees high quality service and makes the process more efficient.


In order to start working with Yardi Energy Solutions, you will need to provide some information about you and your home or commercial property:

1) Address of the property to be billed

2) Type of real estate: residential complex or motorhome, condominium, etc.

3) Phone number

4) Your e-mail

5) Account or account number

6) Credit card number and credit card expiration date

This data will be enough to start cooperation with Yardi Energy Solutions, it is necessary for the company to be able to process your payment and transfer funds to the account.

The company produces professional installations by qualified, experienced technicians who can install water, electricity, gas, heating and cooling systems. All installations are monitored and coordinated by the project manager.

With regard to the current maintenance of the system, the company’s specialists closely monitor your property, analyzing daily data for possible anomalies. Any potential problems in any device, such as defective thermostats, leaking cranes and jammed zone valves, are immediately referred to the service department. Daily analysis of service consumption can also help to quickly detect leaks, improve tenant service and save resources.


The company has a regulatory staff of local, national and national experts in utility billing and sub-accounting rules and regulations. Utility analysis gives owners and managers full control over accounts payable by identifying errors, identifying leaks, notifying those responsible of problem areas and promptly recovering overcharges.

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