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I’m going to show you a bonus that will allow you to make even more money right online. All right, let’s go ahead and jump into the article. There’s a website out there right now that wants to pay you for watching different advertisements.

Earn by viewing various advertisements

You just log in, it’s free to join and then you receive all these different ads that you can see right here. And so what you’re going to do is click on the different buttons right here you’ve got the previous and next button so you can browse through the different ads. So this one pays $1, this one pays $40 this one pays 50 cents again, this one pays $10 and there are more ads that you guys can view. You can just scroll down here. There are different offers that you guys can do and get paid. I’ve got a lot of proof right in this article. I’m also going to share with you the name of this website, so stay with me here. So what you guys are going to do, what you’re going to go log in, it’s free to join integrator. Scroll down and look at the different advertisements and offers that you guys are interested in.

click next

This one pays $40 this offer paste $3 this one pays $20 another $2 and then we have $30 guys, you can come onto your every single day. There is no limit. You can browse around, look at different ads. You can look at different articles. You can do whatever you want. Let’s go ahead and just browse through here and see what this is all about. You can also play games. You can play casino-style games like poker, different little games that a lot of us are used to or already playing anyway, so why not get paid for doing it. You guys could start earning points and different things which you can later. Then redeem for cash. You can cash out via PayPal and so this is a really cool website that I want to show you, but there’s also cash surveys which actually pay out a little bit more if you guys have some time.

If you’re tired of sitting around and watching ads and articles, you can actually participate and apply yourself and start doing little surveys and different things that actually payout pretty decent after a while. Now we’ve got the payout options right here and you guys can see that I’ve already earned $5 just for signing up. You can see at the top of my account and I have $5 right here. Now, of course, the payment options are going to be first PayPal. That’s excellent. Now, but here’s something that a lot of sites do not do and this is where the proof comes in. They’re actually going to send you a check. I know. So it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. Even if you don’t have a PayPal account and you’re not old enough to get a PayPal account, they’re going to send you a check and it looks at something like this.

You can do a Google search and find tons and thousands of different checks that have been sent to different members from this website. It’s really, really cool. Guys. I was actually really surprised. Here’s another check right here. You know, I Willy try to make sure that a lot of these websites that I talk about on this YouTube channel are legit. I want you guys to succeed. I want you to make money. So that’s why I always look around for different income proofs like PayPal or checks or something that shows me that the site is really paying out. So there’s lots of proof here. You can just go to Google and type this in. Also, one of the thing that’s really cool is that this website, once you sign up and become a free member, they will send you emails and you get paid for each email that you receive.

Proof PayPal checks

That sounds crazy, but you know what? I have it right here. So I’m going to show you guys what this is about. So I just received my first paid email right here and it says right down here, it shows my earnings $5 right here. And if I scroll down, now, if you look right here at the very bottom, it says confirm this paid email. Paid email is someone that hits like a registered trademark by this company, but we, the whole thing works is that when you receive the email now you can only get four emails per day. Now, once you’ve received the email, it’s important to come down and scroll down at the very bottom here and click on confirm this paid email. Once you do that, then the funds will be added to your account. So it’s a pretty good deal. I mean, I could just sit around and wait for these emails.

email pay


I mean we’re already getting spam emails anyway, so why not get paid to receive it? All right guys, so the website you guys are going to go to is called send earnings. Now, this is this company has been around since the year 2000 and I think it was bought out by inbox of dollars back in 2005 but it’s a legitimate website. They’re going to give you $5 just for signing up, so all you need is your email a password, confirm that. Go ahead and sign up, confirm the email you guys will be on your way but actually start already sending you emails so you guys can start clicking on the little buttons in those emails and start earning money. You can watch ads, you can watch articles, you can play different games. Go over there and check it out, guys. It’s a really cool website.


If you like what you see on this article so far, smashed out like button right now. Gimme a thumbs up and post me a comment below and tell me which country you are. From. This way I can provide more articles for making money online that work in your area. All right, let’s go ahead and jump back into the article. Here’s another website that we’ll pay you for watching different advertisements and articles and doing different tasks right online. The first step is just to go right up here and register for a free account. Start watching advertisements and taking different surveys and then withdraw your money right to PayPal. I know it sounds easy. It is easy. They have over 230,000 registered members. Active recently is 575 they paid out over $ 25,000-lifetime earnings is what you can earn from this website. Earnest, much as you can perform is really what they’re stating here.

You can view ads, view surveys, you can participate in different contests. You can do tasks. You can refer people to the website and earn a percentage of all the work that they do, which is really, really cool. You can also redeem offers and you can also listen to the radio. I’ve got to show this to you guys, so check this out. You can get paid to click pay to sign up, paid for watching ads. And you could also get paid for listening to the radio, right on this website. They also have something that’s called an ad click wall. So you’ll go over to this page and you’ll see just a huge, like a bunch of ads on this page and you just sit there and watch the ads and click around and you guys make money for doing that. If that’s what you want to do, you know you can always make better use of your time, but they have several different options and different tasks for you guys too for making money.

Okay? So there are lots to choose from here. So here’s an example. This is called won ads and this is inside of the website. A little page here at different surveys that you guys can do and it’s also mobile compatible. You are going to earn coins and then what you can do is later redeem that for cash. So looking over here, here it is guys, what you guys have been waiting for. Once you build up your balance and there’s really not a huge minimum or anything like that to cash out, I think it’s only like a dollar or something. But when you guys are ready to cash out with your earnings, go ahead and click on PayPal and then they’ll go ahead and walk you through and how you can do that.


All right, so the website for this one, you guys are going to want to go over to success bucks.

That’s success so go right over there and check it out. And you know, one of the biggest things that that really got me when I was looking through this, it really reminded me on those days when I was struggling when I was on the laptop inside of my garage. Yeah. So I actually had a little office inside of my garage because we just didn’t have a big enough house and how he’s like boxes and stuff everywhere. But this is an old picture of me right here. And I remember struggling so hard to find a different way to make money online to find something that actually worked, because I don’t know about you guys, but you know when I started all this, I was into it for the long term. I wanted something that was sustainable, not like a get rich quick thing or making a few dollars.


Here I’m talking about some real money, right? I mean that’s what a lot of us want to make some real money to, to pay the bills, to pay the mortgage, to pay the car payments to maybe have a better house or even move to a better state or better country, a better city. I don’t know. But you know what? That was us. As a matter of fact, this has allowed us to move down here to Southern Florida. There’s something that I want to share with you guys. I’m going to show you exactly what I did to break free, to break free from the nine to five to get myself out of traffic and so now I can make money while I sleep, make money while I’m out on vacation with my family. Make money while I’m on a road trip or it doesn’t really matter where I am.

I find myself in a restaurant looking at the different things that are coming in on my phone. And it’s really a cool, cool lifestyle and I really, really love this. But it’s allowed us to move down here. But it wasn’t always like that. We were in Oregon, we were in Northern, Southern Oregon and it was very, very cold. We had to keep the kids in nine to 10 months out of the year. They wanted to go outside and play. And you know, traffic conditions were not very, very good. And so I’m like, honey if we could move anywhere in the world or anywhere in the United States and you know, where would that be? Cause we were making some great money with this new system. And I’m like, well, okay, well let’s just go ahead and go to Florida. So we decided to move down here. It’s beautiful.

The nice every single day. I just love it out here. And so this is really changed. My life dies. It dramatically changed my life. So what we did, we’ve just packed the car that mattered. This is the last day, but we were in Oregon. I haven’t been back since, but uh, we packed the car, we packed the trailer and look at that car right there. Actually, I bought that car with the money that I earned from this thing that I’m going to show you right now. Okay. I’m going to share with you so you guys can, you can learn and educate yourself on exactly how to do this, how to create a fulltime passive income. But I bought that car and then we rented the trailer and we traveled clear across the United States. I mean it was like 3000 miles and it took like a whole week to get here.

And so we finally made it here. We unpack the car and, and so here we are and it’s just, I call it the laptop lifestyle. I’ll also call it the flip flop lifestyle and wearing my flip flops. And I show this in my article sometimes because I’m really like wearing my flip flops all the time. But I wanted to share this with you guys and if you want to learn how to create a fulltime passive income for longterm sustainability is something that’s going to last a really, really long time because deep down inside I think that’s what you guys really, really want. And that’s what I wanted. I really wanted it so badly. So I’m going to share this with you guys today. Check out the link below in the link or check out the link below in the description of this article and I’m going to share with you guys exactly how to do that.

I’m gonna introduce you to something that could change your life. Okay. And just don’t wait. Do not delay. I know I put it off for so long, I didn’t click on that link and I just went ahead and I just kept doing what I wanted to do and I really didn’t get anywhere. It wasn’t until I plugged in and started listening to the people that know a lot more about things than I do that have had the experience and have already gone through and had the failures. So I don’t have to do any of that and I can just go right there and straight there to the success and had the mindset to do it. So go check that out, guys. If you guys want more articles about making money online, how to work from home, how to get more views and subscribers on YouTube and how to become an entrepreneur. It’s all right here. Subscribe now and I will send you a notification and an update whenever I come out with a new article. So you guys don’t miss anything. You guys have an awesome day and I will see you in the next article.

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