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We all live in the same house, which name is the Earth. And each of us, as a prudent and far-sighted master, should take care of our own house. One of the most effective ways is to save energy, which is inextricably linked to time.

San Diego Gas & Electric is implementing a new utility plan that will save not only energy but also money for customers.

The new “time of use” tariff plan will reduce the cost of electricity consumption during off-peak hours – usually up to 16 p.m. and after 21 p.m.

 “Usage Time is an initiative of the entire state that involves much more than just saving energy or money. It’s about keeping our country clean and protecting the environment for future generations. It’s about working together to achieve California’s energy goals.


 This program was adopted to minimize the use of energy during peak hours – the time from 16 to 21, when people mostly return from work and spend time at home using basic electrical appliances. SDG&E reports that next year, 800,000 customers will be using this program, if consumption limits allow them to do so.

Level Pay is available to all SDG&E residential and small business customers, except Net Energy Metering (NEM) customers – NEM customers are those who have solar or wind turbines.

This new way of pricing in the energy sector allows consumers to choose their own convenient format of consumption. For example, if they are able to shift some of their energy consumption to cheaper periods from 16 hours. At 00 p.m to 9 p.m., or using cleaner renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power, their bills will be much lower and this will save them an impressive amount of money. To further encourage customers, the company offers them two bills: the first is a real one, with no participation in a larger program, and the second is a smaller one. Thus, each person will be able to compare the amounts to be paid and choose what is best for them – to pay large sums, or partially rearrange their time consumption of resources.

In addition, the company offers its customers convenient tools for making payments, managing their accounts and monitoring energy consumption.

As a result:

Thus, among the advantages of SDG&E My Account we can highlight:

– convenient and fast online payments from anywhere in the world;

– 24/7 account control;

– Review of consumption over the past periods;

– Automatic payment creation function;

– ability to bind, view and pay several bills simultaneously;

Participation in online billing is free of charge. However, some financial institutions may charge fees for electronic fund transfers.

SDG&E encourages customers to participate in the Level Pay program in the summer, as it is in the summer that energy consumption due to the use of cooling devices increases dramatically. And this program will help to avoid sharp jumps in electricity payments and provide more predictable amounts of money throughout the summer and beyond.

This is our home, our country and our choice, and we can all take care of the environment together without much effort.

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