Revolut & Apple Pay

What’s up, guys? My name is Joe. And in today’s article, I want to show you how you can add your Revolut card to your Apple wallet. And you can use Apple pay with Revolut. Now. It’s amazing. They just launched it today in several countries. So be sure to check out. If you’re in your country, it’s available.

Now, if you don’t know what Revolut is, it’s an amazing application. You can, uh, open an account and, um, you’re going to open an account for free and, uh, upload money and use your card almost anywhere in the world. Now if you want to exchange currencies, then you just click over here, exchange. Let’s say I want to exchange my Hungarian force to euros. And, uh, it gives me great rates, one of the best rates available now. And in terms of a wallet application, it’s really good because you have analytics payment cards and you can have virtual cards.

You can have this amazing, uh, metal card, which is premium. Now in the premium features, you have lounges, which is, uh, which gives you access to airport lounges, which is amazing. And the first one is free. So be sure to check that out. You get metal cashback 1% cashback on every car payment. You get a free concierge that supports you wherever you are. Um, then you have free ATM withdrawals, then you have free medical insurance up to 15 million English pounds. Then you have disposable virtual cards, which are amazing. Uh, you get pride to support a discounted device insurance so you can ensure your iPhone, whatever kind of device you have and airport lounges where one pass is free. So you can go around the world and you know, get, and it’s, it’s, it’s a really good, uh, value if you purchase, um, entry fees from this application into airport lounges.

Add your Revolut card to your Apple wallet

Now the main thing about this article is that you can add your Revolut card to your Apple wall. As you can see, I already have two of my Revolut cards added. Um, and be sure to download the application form below.

revolut card

That means that you will be getting your card for free. And also the first 100 people who register via my link will be eligible to win a medal card, a premium metal card, which is amazing, which costs about 16 euros per month, but uh, you guys will get this card for free. Now all you need to do is have your card ready on this card, I have the numbers on the back so I’m, I’m, I’m going to show you that all you go. All you do is go into a wallet application. Yep. Add your card. Now I need to add in the card and I added this car previously. I just deleted itself, my card numbers already in there, so I’m just going to type in my security codes. Then you have to agree to the terms and conditions and then you get a card verification which means I will be getting a text message right now.

Add card

There you go. And my card is verified. I can use Revolut on Apple pay. Fantastic. I’ve been waiting so long for this. This is an amazing application. If you want to know more about this application, stay tuned because I will have an in-depth review of Revolut on how it works, what are the benefits? But in the meantime, be sure to download the application, try it out for yourself. It’s free, no monthly fee, no yearly fee, no card fee, no nothing, so you have nothing to lose. Anyway, guys, thank you very much for watching. Enjoy Revolut on Apple pay and see you guys in the next one. Stay safe. Okay.

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