Paying Your Bill – How To Pay Your Bill by Check, Online Bill Pay or Credit Card

The most often asked question by a new customer is, do you leave the bill on the door? No, we don’t. Leave the bill on your door. We mail the bill to you. The bill comes in a plain white envelope. Inside you’ll find your bill and a return envelope. The bill has a lot of information about your service, including the amount due to your customer number and your next service date. You can mark your calendar with that date. We rarely miss it. Now, how you pay your bill? Well, that’s up to you. You have many choices. You can pay by credit card, you can pay using your bank’s online bill pay service, or you can send a personal check if you want to pay using your credit card, go to Log into your account and click on any pay now link and it will take you to a secure online payment portal to pay your bill.

Now, many customers pay their bills using their bank’s online bill pay service. If you already use online bill pay, you can add APO lawn spraying to your bills to be paid to pay by personal check. Make the checkout to a P L L S or you can make it out to APL lawn spraying. And you can even make it out to a promised land lawn spraying ink if you want to, but always, always remember to include your customer number in the memo line. We prefer to know our customers by their names, but if we do not recognize the name on the check, the customer number will always find the right person. Also, you don’t need to put anything else in the envelope, but the check, and if you want to send a note, just use a sticky note. But the check-in the return envelope don’t fold the check, seal the envelope, add a return address, stamp it and give it to your mailman. And you’re done.

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