How to Pay Page Plus Cellular Bill | Refill

As Page Plus Cellular is a prepaid Verizon Wireless mobile virtual network operator in the United States operated by TracFone Wireless, Inc. established in 1993 by Abdul Yassine, it offers its customers to make their billings & payments using variety of channels provided by the company.

For example, the Company offers its customers to pay their PAGE Plus cellular bills online with convenience. Whether the billing is related to pay-as-you-go or no-contract monthly plans, customer can pay in full online anytime, from anywhere as long as they are connected to internet.

Can I Pay Page Plus Bill Online?

Using PAGE PLUS Cellular services? Having payment issue? No problem! Now you can pay your monthly or set period wireless services bills online any time, from your PC, and from mobile phone on the go. With PAGE PLUS Cellular online payment service, you can either pay with One-Time Payment, or set up automated payment for this account. However, simple sign in is fundamental requirement to pay online through any channel you want to adopt.

Login to Page Plus Account:

Logging in to PAGE Plus account is basic requirement to pay and view your billings online. It is very easy, simple and secure to access PAGE online account. All this required a simple login process.

Please visit > Click Login given at top right corner of the webpage > Enter Username & Password in required fields > and finally click the button “Login” to access My Account or Dealer login to pay bill online.
If you are not enrolled to PAGE Plus Cellular My Account or Dealer login yet, Register to Manage your Account or Register to Become a Dealer now!
Payment Procedure:
Once you are logged in, half of the job is done. Now, all you need to do is to fill the form and follow the following step by step instructions to successfully complete PAGE PLUS Cellular payment procedure.

Please visit you will see a form to be filled in order to make a payment successful. To fill the form successfully, you need to provide PagePlus Customer Name, PagePlus Phone Number, Top Up Payment, Your Email Address, and the type of the Payment i.e. One Time Payment or Setup Automated Bill Payment for this Account. Then click the button “NEXT PAGE” and follow the instructions to complete the payment.

Pay through App:

You can also download and install PAGE PLUS Cellular My account App in your Smartphone or iPhone to pay and manage your PAGE Plus billings and payments online anytime on the go. The app is available for both, Android and Apple devices.

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