How to Login into Viber Account

Viber is an instant messaging and voice over IP service provider application for smartphone users. Users can access their accounts through Viber login page either through PC’s or through their smartphones. The company released the application in 2010. Viber allows the people to connect with others over the internet from all around the world.

Viber Login Functions and Features

Viber  sign in online application allows the users to send instant text messages, pictures, and videos and have video call. Viber is way smarter than you think. Viber, after installation, synchronizes all the contacts from one’s mobile phone and helps you finding friends on the respective platform. Viber was evolved to Viber out which provided the additional features of calling to landline and directly calling on other mobile phones.

One of another amazing features Viber is offering is location sharing. People can share their locations with their friends and tell them where they are at the moment. Users can also create group chats with as many people as they want from their Viber Contact list. Users can send voice notes as well if they are not comfortable with the messages. Pop up notifications services are also provided by the Viber both on desktop and smartphone to keep the users up to date. Viber login is necessary to avail all these Viber services.

How to Login to Viber Account

  1. First of all the users are required to download the Viber application for desktop if using PC. If the users are using smartphone they can download application form play store.
  2. After downloading the users must run the application either on desktop or on smartphone.
  3. In the next step Viber login information must be provided to the required fields.
  4. And after clicking the login button, the Viber login procedure is good to go.

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