ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment using icici Net Banking

Hello everyone. In this post you will see how to pay your ICS, your bank credit card bill, using ICS, your banks and banking facility. First open I’ve ever closer and ender. I see ACR bank.com. Once the page loads up on the right-hand side, you can see this login. Option more than most point Rover. Click on the personal option here. Click continue to Logan, log into internet banking here. Enter the user ID of your ICS, your bank internet banking facility as provided by the bank and the password. And then click login. Once the page loads up

ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment using

on the top, you can see this payment and transfer option. When you move you’re most pointed over it, you will see a list of options under the list of options. Go to bill payments. Here you can see a list of register ICS, your bank credit card for what you have made a payment earlier or added as a new P. so you select the credit card here. There’s a nickname of the biller. You can just give it anything. This is me, uh, my dad’s chip credit card for which it has been highlighted. So I click, I select that. So I select the credit card to which I want to make the payment. I click on pay. If you have multiple accounts under the same name, you can just set it from the drop-down list. ELLs, by default, one primary account has been selected. You’ll see the account number and the icon name, the total available balance and up payment billows. Here again, you can select from the list of billers to which you want to make the payment. So I will select this particular credit card number, credit card account. I enter the amount here, remarks, I enter us C

ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment using

that TC bill payment, payment date, and frequency. It is one time, yes, it is only one time. Or you can give a standing instruction and select recurring to have a recurring payment on this particular date every month. So once you have verified all the details here, click [inaudible]. Next, enter the grid value the details available at the back of your ICSE bank debit card. I enter the grid values from the debit card, verify all the details and click on submit. That’s guys. You can see this. Your payment is successful. Please find below the transaction recipe. You can download the receptor as a PDF file, right as an Excel fail.

ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment using

Select the PDF file option and click on okay to download this particular recipe, Plaza PDF fails. Click okay. So these are the details, the transaction reference number and the, uh, since it is an ACC bank credit card and the bill payment has been done from the ICS bank internet banking facility, instantly credited to your ICS, your bank credit card account. That’s all guys, thank you for watching. See you in the next post.

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