How to Send Money with Western Union

Hello guys. Today I’m about to show you how to save money on the Western union, but using Western union more buy-in. Before you do that, you know you also need to know how to create the account when you’re wasting, you know the app. So actually I’ve already created my account today, but the next thing that I need to do, how to send the money to the person. And I’m going to walk you guys through on let you guys know how I did this. If you have an account with the Western union, you just gonna go ahead and click the login button. But since I have the ad kind of end up, most of y’all don’t even know how I can retain this account now but will try to show you briefly, I’m not going to create it cause I already have it.

Fast registration on Western Union

So let’s go click the login button and below that with a place where you would put your email address and your password below, etc. Way it’s written register. So you click, click the register button right there.

registration - Western Union

I click it here. It’s going to like to give you options for us. The fire’s going to tell you to create a profile and your profile is going to include your email address, building a password. As you can see here, if I type in this email address and they tried to create a password, if possible, it needs to have um, eight characters, like at least eight characters and down or part case, letter, and lower case state or lumber or any of the symbols. It has to have them. So once to stuff, I completed my passport, the whole of those dots is going to straight up.

Let’s see, now this is a passport and now they call off the starfish green. But this is just a minor possible. So I wouldn’t use that. So, right. Hey, go. And then you put your name before and I’ll put your middle name and you’d stop sharing or you can put it in. They here, you put your last name and then you can insert any number. You just know my number. I just, like automatically generated numbers. So you can go ahead and raise it and put just your number. So next you’re gonna like, so let me go ahead and do it so I can let you see what the next one is going to look like. So I’m right here, email it and okay, I’m going to use that and then didn’t, it’s just my name. So just go ahead and put in January tech number. Okay, so you can see right here it’s going to tell him to go to the next level. And then the next level we have like putting your street address and zip code. I’m just going to use that random shoot, that dress. Mercedes is a much shorter duration. And then I’m going to say it’s just going to put down the zip code. You’re just like, I’m just going to put too much of price. Okay. So yeah, you’re just going to choose the state. Okay. Let me go ahead and choose Arizona. And then right here you could choose your favorite question. Anything. He can say what’s your favorite pets? And then yeah, he put your answers because that’s heavy. Sometimes when you want to log in and you don’t need your password and maybe you forget your password, that is what you use to retrieve your password.

So it’s very important you said it and then yeah, you can put in an asset to the question that was asked. So I’ll go ahead and put in a spiral. That’s my dog. My first dog ever orders I ever had just put in the date of a bed of the dog. You can just put it in anything you want to. So I put in May 1919 99 just to put it there and I’m okay. I truly doubt one was stuck in about your date of birth. So auction you have to put in your correct to the bed to say have to be 18 so probably go for, let me go from 1892 something like that. So let’s just go ahead and click. I agree. So when you select, the finish is going to give you this number. So this nobody just going to type it, go into it, type this number.

Verify email – Western Union Registration

So it’s going to save you a confirmation and I said into your email that you use to that email, which is going to your email, look for the number to come in here and then click it both. I’m going to give you something because if you are towing your bike on these stuffing a walk away and then go ahead into an email and try to get the number, this stuff is not going to be here for you. Okay. Cause he’s gonna erase before you get back. So you have to make sure you have something else you can use to check your email since that is all you need to do and the next step you just, just going to go into the wasting, you know, and the thing just log in straight. I’ve got, I’m going to take this away cause I, I told you guys, it’s gotta be very briefly. So I have the account, so I’m just going to click lodging right here. I want to excite the mind-stuff. My password type in my password. Okay, so right here I can click login.

Jay, it’s going to take me straight to my account bout to send money to someone. So all I need to do, it’s there is a click they top send money now no one I could send money now is it going to ask me to select the country that I want to send money to and contracts in the morning to my country, which is Nigeria. So I’m just going to select it. I’m going to tell on the center the attrition and then I’ll select 100 and Teddy daughters. That’s what I want to send and it’s going to automatically generate how much it’s going to be in there. Jiang currency.

So it says, how would you, well how would money be received? You said, cash speaker. Okay, good. Say cash. Speak up. How will you pay? But for me, I want to pay it using my debit card. So I go ahead and click my debit card, click continue. This is going to take me to a place where I have to put the person I want to send the money to, which is the receiver, which is then put into the receiver’s first name.


Receiver information

Just go ahead and type the number. So, it already automatically detects that what you’re using is MasterCard to just go ahead and hit the next time button, which I just hit. Okay. It says please enter the expiration dates. Okay. So you have to says this is not the recipe okay. Check every information on the JK information and see if everything is in agreement with it. So everything is all one Teti transfer months is one of them. Touch of daughters. Our fees are $15 if close $15 okay.

send / credit card

Detroit is so three 55 in naira. So transfer months, four, six, one. Okay. Which she gets. The receiver is going to get this. And until you have to make sure you take a screenshot of this, this is anything goes wrong, you might be required to give details about it. So that’s why I took a screenshot of every team right here. So this is the same data.

So I have to be careful and sees that everything matches if ever to not you. Please do not click the next button, do not click send and take your time to read the drawers or regulations under. If you want to make any edits, please can they make it? Now, once you sand it, you might not get the chance to, to like uh, take you back or cancel anything. So this is like your lots of opportunity to look at it and he says Savvis days in minutes. This is like a minute transaction. So it’s business, you don’t get it in minutes. It doesn’t need to take days. So just be careful. Make sure the whole information is correct before you go ahead, click the send button. So I have to like to take my time and look at odd days. Make sure he’s correct. If I hit this end button cause I’m thinking I’m good to go. I’m good to go. So I click the send button. Okay. It says on a particular cell for fraud.

Okay, good. We mailed the receipt to find destiny. This is like a confirmation. Okay. This is like a confirmation. So you have to take a screenshot of this.

Yeah, right here is the number for pickup. So you can go ahead and use that number to pick whatever you sent. You can send this number to the person you sent the money to. This isn’t a machine he or she is going to use to cash the morning. So thank you guys for watching. And if you learned something from this year, please kindly hit the subscribe button and then gave me a thumbs up. Thank you.

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