How to send money on Facebook

First, have to connect either your bank account or your PayPal account

How long will it come in the tech? In this article, I’ll show you how to send money to Facebook messenger. Before you can send money in Facebook messenger, you first have to connect either your bank account or your PayPal account. Do you message your account so that’s where you’re going to be pulling the money from and then sending them to your friends? Okay, so the first step, as I said, is we have to set up some kind of payment method. Okay? We’ll begin doing that by going to your profile page to do that, look over here in the upper right corner, you see your little profile picture right here. You want to top on that, and this will take you to your profile page. Once here, scroll down until you get to where it says a payment, I believe right here payment. You want to tap on that. This will take you to where you can set up some kind of payment method and then set up a payment method here where it says to add a new debit card.

Choose account
choose payments facebook

Adding a new debit card

Once you have done that, you have the option of either adding a new debit card or a PayPal account. And I believe that take, I’m 100% sure they take visa and MasterCard. I don’t, I’m not sure about any other cards. But they do take visa and MasterCard. So you either have the option of adding a new debit card or connecting your PayPal account. So let’s say for example we do this a new debit card when you tap on that. So again, let me start that over. What did, they were just tapping on where it says new debit card.

adding a new debit card

We’ll take you to here where you can set up your debit a debit card. So you’re connecting your debit card to you fit a Facebook messenger account. That way you’d be able to pull money from whatever discard is. Okay. Anyway, enter all this information like the card number, expiration date, all of that. And once you have done that, tap on where it says save and then uh, you should be able to send money afterward. So first you were connecting that payment method. Okay, I think I’ve connected a payment now.

How to send money to your friends on Facebook

You can go send money to any one of your friends. All right, and I’m just going to go back. Once you have connected your car, just a top on here in search and then search for the person whom you like to send this money to.

how to send money on Facebook

Once the name comes up, like for me, um, I’ll show you if I was going to send the money to this person. So tap on that person. All right. And what I do is do you see here on the bottom left corner, do you see this little plus? You want to tap on that. And then Luke on this very first row, scroll square cross until you get to where it says payments and top on payments. Alright, now it’s asking you to put in the amount. And as you see there’s no fee, whichever amount they choose. This is, it’s really Google-like Devin started charging it. So let’s say, for example, I’m going to spend $25. I’ll just type in 25 and then two because I’m paying, I have to click on where it says to pay. Don’t click on request is you ask them for money.

pay on facebook

Paying somebody. Okay? So click on where it says to pay. And then when you do that, it asks, ask you to choose whichever payment method that you like to use. And as you can remember at the beginning of this article, I walk you through the step of adding a payment method. So make sure you select a payment method. And then from there on, it’s a pretty simple step. That’s how you send money on Facebook messenger. I know I didn’t cover everything, but if you have any other questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section below.

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