How to Pay HDFC credit card bill – Non HDFC bank account

Today in this post, we’ll see how you can pay your credit card bill if you learn that way. It’s DFC net banking account. So let’s get started.

so, uh, you can see I’m in the DFC, uh, website. And there you can see two options, an HDFC bank account and not SDFC bank on. So this we use and deadly are dedicated to the uh, people you will that way it gives you bank on but still has HDFC credit card and they wish to know how to pay the credit card bill. So I would do, how do I navigate to this space? You can see the breadcrumb here, personnel making payments, pay credit card with HDFC bank account or otherwise. You can just go to Google and search. It’s DFC and no hits DFC bank [inaudible] and you can see our ways. Let’s just go back to, uh, I’ll just show you through HDFC and just go there and you can see an option garden making payments and go to the making payments. And you can see an option called we credit card some.

Yeah, yeah, pay credit card. And there you can see two options, known HDFC bank account. Click on there and once you click on that, this opens and you can see, uh, they are showing the steps. One is a priority is DFC bank credit card payment. It is and a bank, uh, credit card number and the payment amount. Select your net bank drop-down and click uh, on page [inaudible] to the payment interface and they are [inaudible] already or password. Confirm your payment. That won’t do his DFC bank credit card. That account will be depicted online. You’ll receive an online transaction confirmation and transaction reference number. You’ll receive an email. So these are the three steps. First, you will have to enter the credit card details and you have to select the payment option when you relate to the payment screen. And second, this and phone payment and bank, you have to enter your authentication details, namely user ID and password.

I’m coming from your peer mentor, moon or two hits, DFC credit card, and your account. Will we deal with it online? And uh, I don’t understand the second step. So the third step is, so they see an online confirmation and this third step is we’ll receive the confirmation with the amount of MoneyGuard, uh, uh, [inaudible] and uh, you receive the transaction number. So coming to the second step, uh, you ended out indication details. I’m not sure because I’m not uh, an on HDFC bank customer because I already have an HDFC bank account. So, uh, if you’re an honest GFC bank account, I guess you should be having this user alien password. And once you click on to confirm your payment, then only they get depicted. So I’ll just, uh, with no further, uh, the layers get into the topic and you click on this checkbox to proceed and there’s an option called P as lick on that.

And you can see how I have to enter the HDFC credit card number and the payment amount and pay from, uh, [inaudible] Vancouver used to be, let me see, do they have a history of Citibank only listed here? They don’t. Okay. So you have to enter the HDFC credit card number and enter the same number again. And did the email ID. This is an optional field is not required. And the payment the month, please make the payment only to the extent of outstanding on your SDLC bank credit card. NTB at the discretion of his DVC van to reject any payment made about the outstanding on your card. So there’s one thing with them mentioned in the highlighted part here and that is uh, whatever is the outstanding amount on your credit card. Just try to pay that alone. And this outstanding amount of information you will be getting through the email statement, which will be mailed to you over every billing date to your registered email ID.

Uh, they’ll be providing you the minimum Mamon deal and the total lemon deal and Oh statement as well. Uh, and this is emailed to you on the bill statement date, uh, billing date of your credit card. So, and you can also see that it’d be a description of its bank. So the bank might also reject the plans. If the payment is made about the outstanding on your card, maybe they have any specification to uh, identify, uh, their transaction like credit card payment if it is of that particular model. So don’t try to pay anything above your outstanding Amman because it doesn’t even benefit you as well. So just try to pay as much as your credit card bill. Uh, that is mentioned in the statement. For example, I just show you how the uh, statement looks like.

So you can see here, uh, the credit card statement would be some work like this where you can see the total amount, you minimum amount due and the payment unit as well. So, uh, this way you’ll be seeing the options, uh, hope, uh, this post is helpful to you. So, uh, I cannot, uh, proceeded further because, uh, I don’t have any credit card which is having a known, his DFC bank account. Oh, this, um, the process was useful to you. Uh, if you have any queries, let me know. I’ll try to help you because even I don’t have much information on this because, and many people were asking in the comment section on how to proceed with the payment. Uh, so this is the way, and uh, I guess, uh, generally when I am doing some new transaction, what I’ll do is I’ll just drive with, uh, some minimal amount, like, like, like any 10 rupees or 20 rupees a payment.

So you can try it on that. They have mentioned that you cannot, uh, uh, it is better not to pay Evel outstanding on your card, but it does nothing wrong if you just pay a, they’re not ready to be signed. Check whether that amount is properly-getting, uh, uh, credit to your credit card. So just play with that. And if everything goes fine and you can proceed with the actual payment and you don’t have to worry because his DMC bank is well known, I that am on doesn’t get. Uh, it’ll revert to, uh, the account paid for this guy with the minimal and more than if it works fine because you’ll be intimidated to have him through him and says that this much I want and got credited to this account. And after that, you can proceed with the payment. Hope this post was helpful. Thanks a lot for watching this post. So if you have phones, we do use when you look, you like a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel from Warren for me to reduce bye. Have a nice day.

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