How MoneyGram Works

I tried to do everything on my computer. So my way of sending money is using it’s easy. Let me show you how to do it. I open my browser on my computer or on my phone, whatever I prefer that day. I go to it’s a great site that gives a lot of information, like finding MoneyGram locations, tracking my transfer, and of course, sending money and is reliable and trusted.

How to send money – MoneyGram

I need to send money to my sister, so I click start sending money. It brings me to a page where it asks me who I’m sending money to. I type in my sister’s information, her first and last name. If she had a middle name or a second last name, I can click to add it. I select where she lives, so in my case India and click next, I select the best way my sister would receive the money. This time I’ll send it as a cash pickup. Now I click next.

Choose how much money to throw

I now put in how much money I’m sending. The received amount is displayed in the receiving currency. So here it’s shown as Indian rupees. I click get total to see the send and receive the amount.

Choose how much money to throw - Paybillqa

Now I choose what payment method I want to pay the transfer with from my us checking bank account or credit or debit card. Today I will use my debit card so I click that option. The daughter transfer amount and fee are now displayed. I now click next. If I already have an account I can log into my account which has my information stored. The first step is putting in my debit card information. I type in the card number, expiration date by typing the explorations month and year and the CVV number. It’s the three digits on the back of the debit card. Below. I fill in my home and billing address, street address, city, state, and zip. When that’s done I click next.

Now I need to put in my personal information. I enter my first name and last name. I can enter my middle name and second the last name. If I had one by clicking add, middle name and second last name and next I enter my country of birth. Now I enter my email address and my phone number. I choose to check the boxes that I prefer, like accepting to receive special offers and if my phone is a cell phone and if I want text messages sent with information, I enter the last four digits of by U us social security number. This is to verify that I am who I say I am. In other words to identify me. After entering this information, I click next and to help me protect myself and my money. Money gram now shows me some information about scams, which I’d read carefully. I then click almost done.


I just need to go over the review page to check all the information I’ve typed in. I can change anything that is not right by clicking change on the field that needs to be updated. I can have MoneyGram send an email to my sister to say the money is on its way and I can even type a short message with the transfer. I like that feature, so I type her email and a message. I’m now ready to send them money. I click send now.

If I want to save my information to make it even faster next time I can create an account with my email and create a password, a good idea. I get a confirmation on the screen and via email. So does my sister. I never left my house. It was that easy. This was one of my preferred ways to send.

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