How can I Pay My Duke Energy Bill – Paperless Billing

Along with online ways and options of paying Duke Energy bills, customers can also adopt other offline and direct means of payment, such as paying in person, mailing checks, or money orders to address. All these and more payment options could be carried out to pay Duke Energy’s electricity bill conveniently.

Can I Pay Duke Energy Bill Online?

Duke Energy holdings facilitates its users to pay their due electricity bills online in various ways. For instance, as a Duke Energy customer, you can pay your bill online paperless securely available 24/7 with a simple sign-in. You can also pay a fixed average each month with Duke Energy Budget Billing and more. 

Other Duke Energy & Billing & Payment Options

How to Pay Duke Energy Bills by Mail:
You can mail your check or money order at the following address:

Duke Energy
P.O. Box 1004
Charlotte, NC 28201-1004

If the address is not relevant to you, you can also Search the Mail Address relevant to your area.
How to Pay Duke Energy in Person:
To pay in person, visit one of Duke Energy’s pay-station locations. Some of them may include a $1.50 fee subjected to change. If you can’t find Duke Energy station, Find Locations now! All you need to provide is your Zip Code and City name and pay your bill matrix.

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