How to Create Whatsapp Account

Jul 29 2019

Create Whatsapp Account: People often ask for an instant messaging application that is fast and reliable to use. One of the people’s most favorite messenger app is Whatsapp. Download the Whatsapp application from Google Play Store to create a Whatsapp account.

Whatsapp supports all mobile applications such as Nokia S40, Blackberry, Windows devices, iPhone and Android. Whatsapp is a free application that hit the total number of 1 billion users and is currently ranked as the most famous and loved messenger application in 2016. This application was launched in 2012 and allows the users to text, share pictures and video’s with each others.

Requirements for Creating Whatsapp Account

To create a Whatsapp account you need a mobile phone or a Tablet with an internet connection. You need to know Whatsapp official web link from where you can download the Whatsapp application for your mobile phone. You must have a mobile phone number so that to register on Whatsapp through that number.

How to create Whatsapp account

First of all visit Whatsapp official website at URL for downloading the Whatsapp application. You will find the download option to the application on the home page of this web link. This is one way to download the application.

The other way allows go to OS library of whatever smartphone you are currently using and search for the “Whatsapp application”. It will definitely find Whatsapp irrespective of mobile devices such as  android, windows,iPhone, Blackberry etc. because this application supports all mobile platforms that you can think of.

Install the Whatsapp application once downloading is complete. Now after installation has completed, open this application. The first thing you will be asked by this application is enter your country code and enter your mobile phone number.

These two things are apparently required to enter and create Whatsapp account sign up procedure. Unlike other applications where you have to create usernames and had to remember the passwords.

After enter the correct mobile phone number, Whatsapp will send a code on your number to verify a legal user. Now enter the same code on the Whatsapp application window to activate the Whatsapp account.

After you have done the above mentioned step you are good to go with this amazing messenger application. Your contact list will automatically get linked with the Whatsapp and all the contacts will be saved in your Whatsapp contact list. Note that only the people using Whatsapp will be added to your Whatsapp contact list.

You can even invite your friends to Whatsapp by sending them invitation via same application.

You are also given options to add a profile picture along with a status for your Whatsapp profile.

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