How to Create Skype Account

Jul 29 2019

Create Skype Account:Looking for some amazing video calling application for calling your loved ones far away? Well that’s not a big problem. You can create Skype account and experience wonderful services provided by this application of Microsoft.

This application is capable of offering you video calling and video chatting services, text messages and simple calling services as well. This application is available for all platforms such as Linux, Windows, IOS, and Macintosh etc. You can also access this application through your mobile phone (android, windows users, blackberry, iPhone etc.).

Skype is available in almost 108 languages and can be accessed by the users worldwide. Skype is considered as one of the best video calling tool ever. You just need to create a Skype account to have clear video chats with your friends and family members.

Requirements for Creating Skype Account

For creating Skype account you need some electronic tools such as a computer/ laptop/ mobile/ tablet with an internet device. You must be aware of Skype official web link that is for creating your Skype account.

How to create Skype Account

  1. Visit the Skype official website URL
  2. This web link leads to Skype official website home page
  3. Here on the top right corner, on Skype homepage, see the sign in button
  4. Clikc the button a drop down menu will be opened having options such as My Account, Use Skype Online and Sign Up
  5. Create your Skype Account so you will click the “Sign Up” button
  6. After accessing this sign up option, it will be directed to Microsoft website labeled as
  7. Skype is Microsoft product this is the reason you will be creating Skype account via Microsoft
  8. Enter the mobile phone number where it is required, inside the Sign Up window
  9. After this step create the password
  10. This password is for your Skype Account so choose wisely, a strong password which is hard to crack
  11. If you want to provide your email, just access the “Use your email instead” link for this purpose
  12. After this click on the “Next” button
  13. After this Skype wizard will aske to enter the name
  14. You must enter the name for creating a Skype account
  15. Once entered your name, click on the next button
  16. Skype will use your phone number, and will send a code via text message
  17. This is impotent to write the same code in the space provided on the screen and click the next button
  18. Now account has finally been created
  19. Later on, pick username for Skype account and upload the profile picture for identification
  20. Once you are good to go, you can simply sign in next time if you want to use Skype

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