How to Create Instagram Account

Jul 29 2019

New to Instagram? Well you don’t need to worry, you just need to create Instagram account to connect to your friends on this social networking platform.

Instagram is typically used for sharing pictures and video’s with friends and family. Currently Facebook owns Instagram. This application was launched in 2010 and managed to gather 100 million users in 2012 and at that time Facebook bought this application.

This is one of those applications that gained way too much popularity in such a small period of time. People have to get registered first and create their Instagram account to use this application. This application is available for mobile phones as well.

Requirements for creating Instagram account

  1. For creating Instagram account you must own a computer with internet device.
  2. Instagram official website available at for creating your Instagram account.
  3. You must also own an active email address so that you can use it while confirmation process for creating your Instagram account.

How to create Instagram account

  1. You need to visit Instagram web link for creating a new Instagram account first of all.
  2. On Instagram’s Home page you will find the login window for the people who already have their Instagram accounts.
  3. Right under the Login options you will find a blue color “Sign Up” option.
  4. For creating your new account you will access that “Sign Up” option.
  5. Once you have accessed that sign up option you will be directed to Instagram Sign Up window.
  6. Now Instagram will require you enter some of your personal information for creating your Instagram account.
  7. In the first option you need to enter a valid, active email address of yours that is still accessible by you.
  8. Next you will be entering your full name. It is appropriate to enter your own original name because this help’s in finding your friends and family members who are using Instagram.
  9. You may now create your user name and password. Note that after creating your Instagram account, you will be accessing this account through your same user name and password later on.
  10. Now click on the sign up option after adding up all the information required for creating an Instagram account.
  11. If you want to associate your Instagram account with your Facebook account than that is also possible.
  12. You can access the “Login with Facebook” option and get your Instagram account created by taking all of your information from that you provided on Facebook.
  13. Now a confirmation email will be send to your email address that you give just moments ago.
  14. You will be required to go to your email and confirm the creation of your Instagram account.
  15. To activate your current account this step is necessary.
  16. Without confirmation your account will not be activated.
  17. You can later on add a profile picture to your Instagram and find your friends to connect with them and enjoy sharing pictures with them.

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