How to Create a Hotmail Account

Jul 29 2019

Create Hotmail Account: These days we might find Hotmail accounts through different names such as Live, Microsoft, Outlook etc. Here you need to focus on one thing that all of these names refer to one mailing website. A Hotmail account provides there user’s with mailing services.

This is the world’s first ever mailing service provider that was launched in 1996. There are round about 400 million users getting facilitated by the Hotmail services. It is a very successful product of Microsoft.

If you are not a part of this domain than you can just create a Hotmail account by following the simple procedure mention in this article.

Requirements for creating Hotmail Account

You need means to access Hotmail website online. These means mainly contains a computer with an internet connection. Hotmail link that is to create a Hotmail account.

How to create Hotmail Account

First of all you will be required to access the Hotmail web link This will direct you to Microsoft account login page (as mentioned earlier Microsoft and Hotmail are the same thing).

Here users already having Hotmail accounts access the login options. In this case we want to create our new Hotmail account. So we will access the link saying “No Account? Create one” located just below the Hotmail login button.

  1. Now you will access the Hotmail create account web page.
  2. Hotmail will ask to enter personal information as it’s necessary to create account.
  3. In the first option enter the first and last name.
  4. Next it is required to create your user name.
  5. In the next step create the password which should be 8 characters minimum in length. You also need to know that your characters will be taken as case sensitive.
  6. For eliminating any mistake re-enter the password in the next step.
  7. Now choose the Country, Select your Date of birth and select your Gender from the provided options.
  8. To create Hotmail account secure, it is important to enter the country code along with phone number and alternate email address.
  9. Hotmail system will confirm that a real person is using their website for creating Hotmail account or not so you will be required to enter the Captcha code shown on screen as well.
  10. Agree the terms & conditions of Microsoft and their privacy policies and continue
  11. you have done with all the procedure, to create new Hotmail account, press the “Create Account” button.

This one Hotmail account that you have created also helps to getting license of different Microsoft tools such as Visual studio etc.

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