How to Create Facebook Account

Facebook is one of the most popular, most advance mean of social networking known to mankind these days. Facebook is a social networking website that allows its users to create their Facebook accounts and use their accounts to connect with their family and friends.

Mark Zukerbery, the owner and inventor of this amazing idea has managed to gather more than 1.6 billion people on this platform and has given the users an ultimate source of power that can be used against anything by uniting people on this website.

So far, people after create a Facebook accounts are using this platform for business purpose as well. If you haven’t been using this website and don’t have a Facebook account, you need not to worry as this article will help you to create a Facebook account.

How to Create a Facebook account

  1. You will be needing means for online access to Facebook such as a Computer with Internet access
  2. Have an email account for the confirmation purpose of your Facebook account
  3. Facebook site link that is
  4. Procedure for creating Facebook Account
  5. Visit the Facebook Website link
  6. This link will help you to create your own Facebook account
  7. After getting access to the Facebook home page you will find two types of windows here
  8. In the first window referred as the Facebook login window, people enter their details so that they can access their Facebook accounts
  9. However, you want to create your Facebook account so you will access the window below the login window that is available for the registrations of the new Facebook accounts
  10. Facebook will ask you to provide your personal information for the creation of your account. You need to provide your first name and your surname first of all
  11. Next for the confirmation of your account you will have to enter your email address or your mobile phone number
  12. It is preferred to have an email address to enter
  13. But if you do not have an email address, then confirm the account through mobile number as well
  14. It is required to reenter your email or phone number as well so that chances of mistakes are eliminated
    In the next step you will be creating a password for your Facebook account
  15. This will be needed for the login purposes later on
  16. In the next step select your date of birth
  17. Now choose gender type form the options that are provided to you at the end
  18. All of the information mentioned above are necessary to create your Facebook account plus it is important that you provide all the valid details
  19. After providing all the necessary information the last step to follow is to click the “Sign Up” button
  20. FB account will be confirmed via the same email address or the mobile phone number provided while
    adding your information and after confirmation “Facebook Account” will be created

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